2 full days of activity in the Taiga

A package that allows you to see Lapland's best features and creatures

2 full days

The smaller the group the bigger the experience, as listening to the wild is better done in silence.

Price: €475/person

Location: Rovaniemi

Timings: 1000 start time

Pick up: Your accommodation


  1. 2 Northern lights tours
  2. Ranua wildlife park tour – includes lunch
  3. Ice fishing or wilderness tour – you choose
  4. Reindeer farm visit

This tour is a fantastic way to fill your time here in Lapland with great Arctic experiences.

Your guide will pick you up from your accommodation at an agreed time, then on day one you will do the following:

  1. Ranua wildlife park tour (5-6hours)
  2. Northern lights trip (4hours)

The drive to Ranua is just over an hour, on the way there you will get a good understanding of just how far north we are, you will see how quiet and white the roads and woods are and in deep winter, everything is frozen and we will be driving on ice. We will get back to Rovaniemi in the afternoon, allowing you time to rest and get a good dinner before we pick you up again for the Aurora tour.

Day 2:

  1. Ice fishing or our wilderness tour (3hours)
  2. Visit a reindeer farm (2hours)
  3. Northern lights trip (4hours)

You get to choose which trip you prefer, ice fishing or our wilderness tour. Both tours allow you deep into the forest and give you a chance to learn about your surroundings.

Ice fishing tour:

This takes you out onto a lake or river where you drill your hole and learn to fish the traditional way, if you get a good catch we will cook it on an open fire. This tour is very peaceful and allows you to really get to grips with the amazing silence of the Arctic circle. After this tour, we will go straight to the Reindeer Farm.

Wilderness tour:

With a 3-4k hike through the snowy forest, your guide will teach you about everything you see. We will be having discussions about trees, water, wildlife and survival here in the Arctic. Halfway through we will reach a lookout tower where you get to look into the wild from a height. After this tour, we will go straight tot he reindeer farm.

Reinder farm

At the reindeer farm you will get to either go into the pens and feed them or, deep in the winter, you get to take a speedy 100m ride with a young male pulling you. After this, the traditional reindeer herders will take you into their cabin to teach you about the reindeer and their lives.

You then get the evening to go rest and eat before the Northern lights tour starts again. Hopefully, we get two good nights of Aurora hunting while your here.