Autumn 2017

This year’s autumn has been impressive in many ways, for example, the changing colours of the trees and local shrubs/bushes and the Northern lights dancing over the rivers and lakes. It’s also been great watching the latter stages of the male reindeer as they shed their skin on their horns ready to ‘ruck’ (fight over the ladies).

‘Ruska’, as the Finnish call it, is the time of year when all of the leaves on the trees and shrubs change colour. Ruska can be over in a matter of weeks unlike in the UK for example, where this happens over a couple of months,  Ruska displays a mixture of deep red colours and a stunning light yellow colour coming from the silver birch trees.

Autumn is also one of the best times to view the Northern Lights. With no snow on the ground, the nights are nice and dark with no reflection coming off the snow. This means that one can see the Aurora i.e. northern lights easily (unless it’s a full moon). However, autumn is also very good for extremely cloudy and misty nights. Cloudy and misty nights make it very hard to see the northern lights and often leave one standing there hoping for a gap in the cloud to appear.

Now that autumn is coming to an end we will start to see clear signs of winter approaching. Over the next month, we will start to get some beautiful frosts followed by our first snowfall. 

Tomorrow I am off to the forest with a group of reindeer herders to help them round up their herd. So stay posted as I will have some good pictures coming!