Northern Lights and Ranua day tour

Combine our Northern lights tour with the Ranua tour to get a full day of activities out in the wilds of Lapland.

This tour includes:

  • 9hrs tour time with a personal tour guide
  • A buffet lunch and snacks included
  • Return Transport from your Accommodation
  • A bucket of food to feed the Polar Bear and her cub
  • Cold weather clothing if needed (please ask)

During this tour, you will learn all about the animals that live here in the Finnish Lapland and you will get to see them in person. The animals that live here in the Taiga are very elusive and hard to spot in the wild.

After the Ranua tour, you will be taken back to your accommodation so you can relax for a few hours and get yourselves some dinner before the Northern lights tour starts. During the Northern lights trip, you will take a short hike through a very old snowy forest. You will then come to what is actually a beach, although during the winter it is a metre if ice, where we will walk out into the middle of the lake to view the Aurora. here we will make a fire in a Kota to keep us warm.

Price: €220 / adult

Minimum of 2 adults

Time: 9hrs

Ice fishing, Snowshoeing, Sauna and Northern lights trip.

This tour involves all of the really good things to do while in Lapland, each aspect of the tour allows you to experience traditional ways of life while being close to the beautiful arctic nature.

the trip includes:

  • 9hrs tour time with a personal tour guide
  • Snowshoes, ice fishing kit and sauna
  • Return transport from your accommodation
  • Cold weather clothing if needed (please ask)

During this tour, you will walk through some stunning landscape, over frozen rivers and through deep snow on your snowshoes.

Once we get to our destination, we all set up the Ice fishing stations and prepare the sauna and ice hole. Yes, we will have the option to swim in a hole in the ice, but first, we have to make sure the hole is big enough to fit in, we have a special saw for that!

Once the daytime activities are complete we will take you home so you can rest and get yourself some dinner in town before we embark on our Northern lights tour. The Northern lights trip is a great experience as we will walk through the old deep forests in complete darkness to allow our eyes to adapt to viewing the Northern lights. You will then learn how to make a fire in Arctic conditions from the snowy woods that you see around you.

Combining all of these tours will give you a chance to learn a lot about the nature in Lapland by your guide, you will also learn a lot of survival skills and will finish the day sleeping very well with some fantastic memories.

Price: €250 / Adult

Minimum 2 adults

Time: 9hrs