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We are glad to present our new tour for the next season: ski trekking and ice fishing. It is unique because it combines two of our most popular tours, and is also until now a first and only of its kind in Lapland. With that kind of tour, our guests can enjoy both of the activities at once!

ski trekkers from above

Ski trekking is a great way to explore Lappish nature which most of the time is covered in deep snow. It allows for a more adventurous experience through forests, hills, and lakes. This specific equipment allows you to go uphill and downhill without excessive speed. Also, ski trekking does not require much practice to slide on deep snow, which makes it very comfortable and easy even for beginners! 

ski trekkers

Ice fishing is a unique experience in Lapland, as it focuses on the relaxing aspect of the Arctic nature. This is also a very cultural activity. Some locals do it every day to catch food for themselves and their animals. As soon as a fish is caught it is prepared and cooked straight over the fire. If the fish are undersized we will naturally return them to the ice.

During the ice-fishing tour, your guide will explain you how to drill your own hole and the basic techniques how to ice-fish. 

ice fishing

VisitRovaniemi was very interested by the adventurous concept of combining two local activites together in an Ski trekking to Ice Fishing experience. They joined one of our very first tours to test it and take some great photographs. Even though the tour was a success, we are still working on it in order to create a complete experience of high quality. The final activity should then be ready and bookable for the next  Winter season. Until that, you can book the Ice Fishing (here) and Ski Trekking (here) tours separately from our webpage.

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