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 12th November 2019: no luck for Northern Lights, but all the fun!

Weather was all but clear that night in Rovaniemi, Lapland. So we were aware that we had few chances of seeing any Northern Lights show. But our brave guests wanted to give it a shot, as hope is the last thing one should lose! They landed in Lapland coming straight from Australia, so the long trip deserved at least to try. And we did!

We checked two of our favorite spots before we decided to stay in the second location Just chilling by the fire and enjoying the nature in the quiet night. We taught them how to light a fire with a flint (which they actually do in just a few shots!), We drank hot beverages and roasted sausages in the fire and we had fun taking some group and pairs pictures to immortalize the nice time we were having.

Always keeping an eye at the sky, our guide, Matt, explained how the Northern Lights phenomena is given, but we were not lucky enough to actually see them that night. What we did see was a tunnel in the snow some confused mouse or lemming dug. It was so cute!

Although we couldn’t find any lights in the sky we all had a fun night and we left our guests back in their hotel with a big smile on their faces and a bunch of pictures that will for sure become good memories.

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