We publish on our Rovaniemi blog the reports of our Northern Lights Wilderness Tours. Check out what happened over the last few nights and get a taste of what you will experience on our famous Aurora Borealis trips!

 14 December 2019: Beware the snow storm!

The weather conditions were really bad for Northern Lights hunting as a snow storm was hitting Rovaniemi. The chance to observe auroras was too low. We therefore invited our guests to join for the next day instead, and cancelled the tour for the evening.

15 December 2019: No lights but good sparks!


Weather in Lapland may be very hard to forecast due to its fast changes and the difficult climates. That evening was a good example of how tricky the arctic weather can be. While the sky seemed sometimes about to clear up, it just actually got more covered in the end…

Our guide tried hard, and drove us to different locations so we could explore a bit more of the scenery of Lapland and try to find gaps in the sky. With unfortunately not much luck.

Making fire in Lapland

It’s time to practice our fire-making skills!

At some point, one may just need to sit down and observe what is happening in the sky. So that’s the option we opted for! While all sat around a fireplace in the middle of the nature, we started to practice our fire-making skills.

Even if not all of us succeeded, it was a really great experience to make a fire in the traditional way! And even if we were not lucky enough to be greeted by the auroras, it was still definitely a joyful night in the wilderness!

Making fire in Lapland

To get a spark or to get Northern Lights, you only need one thing : perseverance!

Making fire in Lapland

And the winner is….

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