We publish on our Rovaniemi blog the reports of our Northern Lights Wilderness Tours. Check out what happened over the last few nights and get a taste of what you will experience on our famous Aurora Borealis trips!

27 October 2019 : clear skies are back, so are the Northern lights!

The Auroras are back ! After very long time of cloudy nights, we finally got a promising clear and beautiful dark sky. We could not miss our chance! 

At the moment we arrived to one of our favourite locations, the aurora show was just about to start. The long blurry stripes were soon visible, graciously moving above our heads. It was already an amazing reward.

Group Pictures Northern Lights

The Auroras are happily dancing in the clear sky

But we all agreed that we deserved some more privacy. We then drove farther north, to a second location. We all loved that place, located far away from the big roads, in the Lapland wilderness. There we had nature completely for ourselves, and we enjoyed the light show, peacefully.

 28 October 2019 : the freezing waters reflected the colourful show of the sky

All day, we expected the snowfalls to stop by the end of the afternoon. The tour then started a bit later so that we could enjoy a clearer sky and get better chances to observe the Northern Lights.

By the time we got to our first location, the Auroras were already dancing slowly. They were not so strong at first, but we could see them very well through the lenses of the camera. Unfortunately, large groups of tourists were arriving, with a lot of flash lights but little care of others. It was as clear as the sky: if we wanted to properly enjoy the Auroras, we had to leave immediately to a more hidden location.

Northern Lights october rovaniemi

The Northern Lights were so strong that night !

As we drove northwards, we met a few reindeer on the side of the road, greeting us with their impressive antlers! We stopped in a second location, on the shore of a lake. The Northern Lights became so strong, that the freezing waters were reflecting their colourful dances. Amazing!



29 October 2019 : the first cold night of the season

Another clear sky, another good chance to observe the Northern lights! We stopped at a first location, just outside Rovaniemi, in order to “check” the sky. Already there, we could see how deeply clear the sky was, with the a million stars gently bleeking.  The milky way was beautiful.

Miss Aurora Boreralis soon appeared. She was very pale, a bit shy maybe. We decided then to hop in the van and continued driving northwards. Despite the darkness, the Northern Lights were still too pale to be visible by naked eye. On the camera though, they looked amazingly great. We then had a nice photo shooting.

Northern Lights Pictures Rovaniemi

The Northern Lights are all ours tonight !


That night, the temperature dropped as down as –15 degrees. This was the first cold night of the season, our guide Ajda said. That was challenging for all of us, even with our very good clothing. But all good! Ajda lit a fire in a few seconds and we could slowly warm up our feet and hands.  

30 October 2019 : Absolutely no chance to observe any Auroras

That night, heavy snowfalls were predicted. We then decided not to operate any Northern lights tour and offered to our guests to join the next day. There was definitely not even a small chance to see the Northern Lights.

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