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 31 October 2019 : the late bird catches the auroras

That day, in the morning, we analysed the maps as well as the weather forecasts. The sky was cloudy all day but we predicted that some gaps might appear around 22.00. We then thought there was a good chance to observe the auroras around 23.00 as the sky was likely to clear up. 

We then decided to start the tour a bit later, so as to maximize our chances to get a clearer sky and catch some lights. And guess what?… Our experience paid off!

Northern Lights Rovaniemi October

At our first location, the sky was completely closed with the clouds, but there were some brighter spots, further in the northern direction. We all agreed that it would be better to get more north, so we jumped back into the van.

Even 40km north, the sky was unfortunately still covered. So we sat in front of a wooden shed just next to a lake and lit a fire to warm our feet and hands. While learning how to make fire with a flint, some pale lights got spotted in the distance. Ajda, our guide, stepped away from the fire light to analyse what was happening in the sky. 

The Auroras show was just about to start. Everyone jumped to the shores to enjoy it.

It was 23:22.

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