The Wilderness tour is often one that can bring surprises to those who haven’t yet experienced the deep Taiga forest. It’s white, it’s quiet and it has an eery yet beautiful feeling that one gets when entering the unknown.
Once you’ve made your way through the deep snow tracks and start to understand your surroundings the forest starts to come to life, which is one of the main points of this tour, to teach you about the beauty of the Lapland wilderness and show you different aspects of the forest.

In the beginning of December, halfway through the tour, we were stood at the top of a lookout tower.
We stood quietly and just observed the vast forest that lay ahead of us. Then suddenly we heard the ding ding of a female Reindeers neck collar. This was very exciting as when out in the woods it is generally quite hard to spot wildlife, as we are far too loud and clumsy. But she appeared with her calf and shortly after another female and calf appeared.
The snow is now very deep here in the Arctic, which we are loving. We are also getting a lot of new snow over the weeks, which means that generally when we take this tour we find fresh tracks to observe and follow.

Reindeer in the forest