The cold, white and rough winter has just arrived in Lapland! All our winter activities are now available. Book your next great experience directly online : ice-fishing excursions, snowshoeing trips, reindeer sleigh rides, snowmobile safaris… It’s time to have fun!

Early Winter, oikein hyvä!

This year, winter has arrived earlier than expected. Unlike last year, when the first snowfalls only appeared in December, it did not take that long this year for the rivers to get frozen and the forests blanketed in snow.

At the end of October, the thermometer already indicated -8C. We actually remember it very well! One morning at dawn, we went to take a fresh dip in the freezing river… Brrrrrrrrr, did you say we are wild about Lapland?

Snow adventure Lapland

Yep, no doubt. Snow is here.

On November 1, heavy snow was already covering the streets of Rovaniemi with a thick white coat. Winter is here now, and it will not leave until next May…

All our Winter activities are now available

Immediately after the first snowfalls, we went hiking through the boreal forests, in some secret places where nature is always offering breathtaking views. The snow was covering everything, from undergrowth to treetops. The scenery around us was purely white, sunny and beautiful. Those are really the perfect conditions for a nice Wilderness Tour or a Snowshoe Trip

We also drove away from Rovaniemi to assess the thickness of the ice on the surrounding lakes. The lakes were completely covered by a good dozen centimeters of hard ice. Now it’s completely safe! We could jump on the ice that nothing would happen. It’s time to ice-fish our lunch like a proper Finn!

Ice Fishing in November

The ice is thick and ready for ice-fishing!

Everyone is very excited about the snow, especially the reindeer and huskies! Our herder friends and husky mushers informed us that they would soon open the long sled safaris, and it’s going to be another great tour to join!

Winter is here! And we are ready to enjoy it with you!

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