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22 December 2019 : today is the Winter Solstice. This is a very special day for Rovaniemi, located a few kilometres south of the Arctic Circle line.

 Polar Night in Rovaniemi

Lapland is world famous for its beautiful greenish and redish Northern Lights which are more and more visible as the dark Winter conquers the sky. But the winter sky of Lapland also offers beautiful colours during the day, as sunrise and sunset are melting together in a spectacular firework of red and orange.

The capital town of the Finnish Lapland, Rovaniemi, is located just a few kilometres south of the Arctic Circle line. This imaginary line marks the northernmost place where the centre of the sun is only visible. Technically, on that specific day, Rovaniemi does not have any real sunrise nor sunset : for 24 continuous hours, Rovaniemi is every year living its Polar night. 

However, as Rovaniemi is located only on the edge of the Arctic zone, the Polar Night is then rather a “Polar twilight”. Some dawn lights are still visible in the horizon. The Polar night (called Kaamos in Finnish) is darker and lasts longer as one goes farther north : in Utsjoki, on the border with Norway, for example, the polar night lasts for more than 50 days!


 Winter Solstice on the Arctic Circle

The Winter Solstice is today, the 22nd December 2019 ! From now on, days are getting longer and we will get more and more daylight in Rovaniemi. Soon we will even be able to enjoy winter experiences such as ice-fishing, snowshoeing or hiking in the middle of the afternoon!

And as the long trip to darkness is now coming to its end, it is time to head toward another beautiful natural phenomenon : the Midnight Sun! But hold on, we still have time until we reach summer. The beautiful Winter is still here for many more months…

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