Our passion is to provide a learning experience which is both fun and adventurous
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Ice Fishing and Snow Shoeing Tour

Northern lights and Ranua tour

Our special offer for Autumn, lasting September – End of October

€200/person | 10 hours of tour time | 1000 start time
A full day of learning about the wonders of Lapland and the animals the reside in it. Followed by 4 hours out searching for the world most favorite natural phenomena, the Aurora Borealis


  • Provides pick up from your accommodation
  • Lunch at the restaurant in Ranua
  • Learn to make fire with flint and steel
  • Find the spectacular northern lights


The Northern Lights!

The Northern Lights wilderness tour

4 hours | €110/person | Season begins September 1st, 2018

Hotel pick up and drop off + clothing and snacks around a fire included.
Our Northern Lights tours start in Rovaniemi city and take you straight into the Taiga forest in the Arctic circle where you can watch the Northern Lights from beside a fire or while standing on a frozen Lake!
  • You will be able to escape the cold to sit around a fire and get warm in a ‘Kota’ (Finnish hut), where your guide will give you detailed explanations of the magical Northern Lights, nature and folklore
  • Your guide will teach you about Lapland and show you the best ways to enjoy the delights of this beautiful wintery landscape
Finnish Wilderness Tour

Wilderness Tour

3-4 hours | €70/person

Hotel pick up and drop off
Experience the Wild Taiga forest and what the Lapland wilderness has to offer with this gentle 4k hike.
  • On this tour, you will truly feel the peace of the arctic nature. While hiking through the deep snowy forest routes we will keep an eye for local wildlife and learn about the different tracks that we find!
  • Also, you will get a sense of the realities of surviving in this rough climate. On the Wilderness trip, your guide will teach you about your surroundings in detail.


Ice Fishing and Snow Shoeing Tour

Ice Fishing and Snow Shoeing Tours

4 hours | €100/person

Hotel pick up and drop off + clothing and snacks included
This tour takes you to the roots of Finnish culture. On the Ice fishing and snowshoeing trip, you will get the chance to:
  • Drill your own hole through the very thick ice 
  • Learn to fish and then test your skills
  • You’ll also get to test your balance in deep snow while on snowshoes, hiking over a frozen lake!
Once you catch a fish we will cook it over an open fire for a delicious lunch, if it is too small, we return it to the ice!
Ice fishing is a great way to catch your breath and escape the speed of everyday life.


Ice Fishing and Snow Shoeing Tour

Visit a Reindeer Farm in Rovaniemi, Finland!

2-4 hours | 2k ride €110 | 3k ride €125

Hotel pick up and drop off + cold weather clothing
  • This is the most traditional Reindeer farm in Lapland
  • From our perspective, this is the best experience possible if you wish to be pulled in a traditional sleigh through the most enchanting forest in the world


“Tremendous experience in a small group”

Reviewed March 1, 2017 Seeing other event organizers with their huge groups it was a very nice experience having close contact with our guide who did his best to accommodate to our wishes and needs.  We (a group of four) did the four-hour aurora hunt, and...