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Sustainable Tourism

Our pledge to behaving responsibly for our future

We aim to provide sustainable tours and to continue to act as a responsible tour provider

 Tourism is one of the many industries in the world affecting our planet. We are experiencing a
steady growth of this industry which is why it is getting more and more important to act responsibly.

If we want future generations to experience what we do now, we must take action. Here at Wild
About Lapland we are committed to a sustainable leading of our business. We try constantly to
improve our work to ensure ecological, economical and social sustainability.

Choosing a responsible tour operator gives you the possibility to not only do something good for our
planet, but also get a higher quality and a more enjoyable experience.

Following you can see what we do to act sustainably:


Finland has the cleanest air in the world and amazing nature all year-round. We aim to protect the wilderness in Lapland:

  • The tours that we are offering are almost all sustainable activities, like Northern Lights
    watching, ski trekking, snowshoeing, hiking or canoeing and many more.
  • As our tours include transportation, we have to use cars. But we use renewable Diesel for
    our vehicles in order to harm the environment as less as possible.
  • We use existing systems like trails and fireplaces.
  • Our aim is to minimize our carbon footprint. In 2020 we calculated (using myclimate) that our carbon footprint was 2.5t.
  • The remaining CO2 is compensated with Myclimate as well.
  • Our groups are limited to 8 people in order to not disturb the nature.
  • We follow a strict never leave any trash behind guideline. Most of our equipment is chosen
    to last long to reduce the amount of waste.
  • We try to minimize the use of plastic for example by using paper cups and reusable water
  • We use recycling paper in our office and use environmentally friendly cleansers.
  • As far as possible, we save water, electricity and heating energy. Our electricity is 100% green energy (water, wind and bioenergy).


We have taken measures to improve the experience of our customers and the well-being of the local

  • Our tours have a high quality standard due to the group size and our experienced and knowledgeable guides.
  • We educate our guests not only about the environment but also about life in the Arctic. This way they get a better understanding of the environment and culture in Lapland.
  • Offering tours all year-round allows us to emphasize different aspects of nature.
  • Our guests always get an introduction on how to behave responsible during our tours and are encouraged to do so after well.
  • We are aware of the risks that our activities involve and we take any measure to reduce them. All our guides are licensed first aiders.
  • We are always happy to hear recommendations from our guests as well as employees and
    try our best to implement them.
  • Our suppliers are asked to act responsible as well whenever possible.
  • We support UNICEF with donations.
  • We support the Global Economic Ethic Manifesto for fight against violence and exclusion of people.


We hand pick our partners to ensure they keep to the same standards that we promise our guests

  • We cooperate with local farmers like reindeer herders and Husky farmers. This doesn’t only support those small, family-owned businesses, it also allows an authentic experience.
  • Our guides are based in Rovaniemi, which means we support the local employment. In addition, it contributes to a high quality of our tours because of their local knowledge.
  • We offer our employees safe and fair working conditions. This means that they have a healthy work-life-balance and are encouraged to adopt a healthy lifestyle.
  • We ensure an equal treatment of our employees.
  • We always train our employees and provide them information on how to act responsible.
  • The development and improvement of our tours is a priority for us.

Certification and Future

Wild About Lapland is committed to the Manifesto of Responsible Tourism Enterprise which ensures a responsible behavior. We also have the Biosphere certificate for sustainable tourism. The Biosphere certificate ensures a responsible and sustainable operation of our tours. It is based on the SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals) that are divided into environmental, economical, social and cultural goals.
With this certification, it allows us to participate in the Sustainable Travel Finland project as well. The project aims to help tourism entities in Finland to develop sustainably in order to meet changing demands and grow.


Do you want to visit Lapland? Come join us and support our mission to become and stay sustainable! Find out more what you can do with the Responsible Traveler Manifesto. For coming to Lapland, we recommend you to take into account that booking a train or public transport is the most responsible way. There is an excellent connection from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. If this is not an option for you, you can also compensate your journey here.

All of our trips have a highly responsible, as we do things which bring you close to nature and do our best to teach you about them, to check out one of these trips, click here.

We look forward to welcoming you to Rovaniemi in the future!

sustainable tourism