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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I book a tour?

We offer a wide range of arctic experiences that you may find here on our website (in the Winter Tours or Summer Tours  sections).

You will find a description for each tour with pictures and other useful information related to the tour.

To book a tour, you need to scroll down to the booking calendar section of the tour. There you can select the date and time and the number of participants that you would like to book for.

You may then select “Check Out” to proceed to the next step. You will then be redirected to the Check Out section where you can select a pick up location and other additional options.

Once you have selected your options, you can fill in your contact details and proceed to payment. As soon as your booking is complete and payment accepted, you will receive an email with your tickets. 

If you would like to enjoy a specific or tailor-made experience, we invite you to contact us at [email protected]. We will then discuss together the tour that is best adapted to you.

How many people can join a tour?

All the tours operated by Wild About Lapland require a minimum of 2 adult participants and are limited to 8 guests maximum. If you are a larger group, we invite you to contact our team so that we can organise a tour specifically designed to your group size. 

I am a solo traveler. Can I book a tour?

Any solo traveler is welcomed on any of our tours that has already a minimum of 2 adult participants and therefore is certain to operate. Our online booking system allows you to select one person when it is the case.

If you cannot book the tour for one person only, it is then likely that the tour has not met the minimum number of participants yet. In this case, we invite you to try other departure starts or other dates. If you still cannot find a date/time that fits your schedule, please contact us. We will check the different possibilities and help you find a solution.

I cannot book a tour online because of a technical issue. What should I do?

It is possible that the tour and the date/time you have selected is fully booked or does not have enough seats available for the number of participants you have selected. If you have selected one adult only, the tour may not have the minimum of 2 adult participants yet and is therefore not bookable for one adult. To make sure that this is a problem of availability, we suggest that you try to book on a different date/time.

If the problem still persists, then there may be a technical issue (sometimes caused by the cookie cache). We suggest that you try to book the tour by using a different browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer…).

If you still experience an issue, please contact us by email (if possible, with a screenshot of the issue). Don’t worry, we will find an easy alternative to book your tour! 

How far do you provide pick-up?

We don’t offer pick-ups for accommodations located in Rovaniemi city centre as it is pretty compact, meaning that everything is within walking distance. We offer a free pick-up service if your accommodation is more than 10 minutes of walking from our office, but no further than Santa Claus Holiday Village. In case of objective reasons, for example, physical impairment, our team is always ready to help you and provide you with pick-up and drop-off services.

I am staying in an Airbnb or in a private apartment. Can I be picked up from there?

Yes! If your accommodation is located within 10km around Rovaniemi, your guide can come to pick you up directly from there (this service is included in the standard price). When booking the tour, you will find a list of hotels and pick up locations that you can select. If your accommodation is not listed, you can select the option “my hotel is not listed” and enter your own address (please enter your full address with street number and the building number).

We will send you an email at least one day prior to your tour to confirm your exact pickup time. Usually, pickups commence between 5 and 30 minutes before the activity start.

As you are staying in a private apartment, there is probably no reception in your building. We will then ask you to be ready and waiting outside, in front of the main entrance door (on the street side) so your guide can easily find you. Please make sure to be on time as you may miss your safari if you are late…

I have not selected any pick up options. What should I do?

If you have not selected any pickup option at the moment of booking but would like to add this service, please send us an email at [email protected] with the your booking reference and the exact address where you would like to be picked up. We will gladly add this service to your booking and will send you an email one day before to inform you about the exact pick-up time.

If you do not need any hotel pickup, we invite you to come directly to Wild About Lapland office (the address is Rovakatu 24, Rovaniemi) at least 10 minutes before your safari start. In all cases, we will send you an email one day before to remind you the address and the meeting time.

Can I cancel my tour?

You may request the cancellation of your tour to [email protected] However, please note that cancellation fees may apply depending on how early you request cancellation. The cancellation policy (and the amount of the fees) is mentioned in the description of each tour. Usually, the fees are as follows:

– We will charge a cancellation fee of 100% if booking is cancelled 24h or less before the event
– We will charge a cancellation fee of 50% if booking is cancelled 7 days or less before the event
– We will charge a cancellation fee of 10% if booking is cancelled 365 days or less before the event

Please note that some tours operated by, or in collaboration with,  our partners may have a stricter policy.



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Where can I find the cheapest price?

If you are looking for the best prices, you are very likely to find them here on our website. We indeed offer a preferential rate for bookings that are made through  For the same tour, you may then save up to 25% compared to prices on other reselling platforms.

We also offer packages of tours that include a significant discount (compared to the total price if each tour is booked individually). The prices of the packages are tiered, which means that if you book for more participants, the price/person will decrease. You may find all our holiday packages here.

In addition, we occasionally offer discounts on a selection of tours and dates. You may find all of them here.

Can I pay upon arrival? Can I pay by cash?

Bookings are confirmed only upon payment receipt. If you are then willing to pay by cash/upon arrival, we cannot guarantee that we will still have availability at that moment. We always recommend to book online and in advance to reserve your seats, especially on high and peak seasons (December – March). If you can only pay by cash, please contact us and we can discuss together the best options for you. 

Is VAT included in the price?

Yes. VAT and all handling fees are included in the price. 

Is hotel pick-up included in the price?

Yes! We provide free pick-up to all our guests and from all accommodations located within 10km around our office (Rovaniemi city centre). This basically includes all Rovaniemi, the Santa Claus Village area, the train station and bus station. Airport transfers are not included.

If you are staying in accommodation that are located outside our pick-up zone (more than 10km from our office), we may ask you to pay a supplement depending on how far the pickup is. Please contact us for more information. Alternatively, you may use public transport to get to Rovaniemi and we may pick you up from the bus station or a bus stop. 

Do you provide warm Winter clothing?

Yes! In Winter, we provide you with free professional thermal overalls (designed for extreme temperatures) and winter boots. However, they are only extra clothing to add on your actual clothes. We recommend you to wear good inner layers, a warm hat, two pairs of thick socks and winter gloves. Hats, socks and gloves are not included in the price of the tours; you may nevertheless buy some in our office if you do not have any.

What is the age limit for the child rate?

The child rate applies to children aged between 4 and 14 years old (included) at the date of the tour. Under 4 years old, we invite you to contact our team before booking the tour so that we can discuss if the tour is suitable for young infants. For some tours, we do not recommend to take young infants as conditions may be too extreme.

Likewise, some tours (examples: canoeing, snowshoeing, ski trekking…) are more challenging and require a specific minimum age requirement (indicated in the description of the tour). 



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Do you guarantee to see the Northern Lights?

We wish we could ! Unfortunately, Northern Lights are an unpredictable phenomenon and they cannot be switched on on request… Even with a great aurora forecast, they may never appear (the contrary being true as well).

However, we guarantee you to do our best to increase your chance to observe them. Every morning, we analyse the weather conditions and the aurora forecasts from different institutes. Based on this, we adapt the departure of the tour and take the most promising routes. Our aurora expert guides constantly check how the weather evolves during the tour and may adapt the safari accordingly. Our goal is that you can observe the auroras and we promise to do all what we can to make it happen.

What happens if the weather is not promising?

We will not take you for a Northern Lights trip if we consider that there is no chance at all to see any aurora. This case usually happens when a snowstorm is forecast in Rovaniemi area. However, Lapland  weather changes very fast and a cloudy sky does not necessarily mean that Northern Lights cannot be seen. It all depends on the actual conditions of the day and this is why we always analyse the weather/aurora forecasts in the morning. 

If the chances are inexistant, we will contact you to offer an alternative. You may then join an other evening tour re-schedule your Northern Lights tour for another night.

Can I re-schedule my Northern Lights Tour?

Yes. You may request to change the date of your Northern Lights Wilderness Tour for any other night (depending on availability) free of charge

However, the request must be made enough time in advance (before 16:00 local time) so we can inform our aurora guides. Late requests will not be accepted. 

Please call our office to make the request (especially if it is urgent), or send us an email.

When is the pick-up time for my Northern Lights tour?

Every morning we analyse the weather forecast and the aurora predictions. Based on this, we adapt the routes of our Northern Lights tours and their departures.

Your exact pick-up/meeting time will be communicated by email in the morning of your tour. It is very important that you check your email the same day (please check also your SPAM folder) to make sure to have the information. 

The departures are usually set between 18:00 and 22:00, depending on the darkness period. 

When will I receive the pictures taken during my Northern Lights Wilderness Tour?

We will send you an email with the link to downlaod all the raw pictures (no editing and selection is done) taken by your guide the day following your Northern Lights tour. In busy season or weekends, it may take a little bit longer.

IMPORTANT: for privacy data reasons, the link to download the pictures is accessible only for a limited period (7 days). Make sure to download and save the pictures before the link expires.  

If you have not received any email within 72 hours or if the link has expired, please contact us by email with the following information: your name, booking reference, date of your northern lights tour, and name of the guide. We will re-send you a link. 

Please note that we delete the pictures in our servers after a certain period of time and may therefore not be able to send them again. 

How far do you drive during your Northern Lights Tour?

It really depends on the conditions of the night. If the conditions require so, we may drive up to 150-200km during the night (up to 100km away from Rovaniemi) to find clearer sky.

Sometimes, when the conditions are optimal, we may need to drive only 50km, just to get away from the light pollution of Rovaniemi.

When is it best to come to Rovaniemi to observe the Northern Lights?

Northern Lights are visible from Rovaniemi only between end-August and end-April. This is why our Northern Lights Wilderness Tour only operate from September to mid-April. 

Asking which month is the best is a tricky question because auroras are an unpredictable phenomenon. In addition, the answer really depends on what you are looking for. Every month brings its specific landscapes and conditions. For example, in October, we usually do not have snow. This means a lower risk of light reflection and a better chance to observe more pale lights. But the pictures will not display any snowy landscape… 

In our opinion, the periods with a higher chance to see the Northern Lights are September-October and March-April because we are likely to have a clearer sky. But many other aspects need also to be taken into account (like the full moon period for example, or the location). 



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What is included in your packages?

Our holiday packages offer a selection of tours at a lower price (usually -10/-20% compared to the prices of the tours taken individually). It therefore includes all the standard services provided for each individual tour (hotel pick-up, winter clothing, snacks or meals, entrance tickets, etc.).

The holiday packages do not include airport transfer or accommodation. However, those services can be added on request. Please contact our team to further discuss the possibilities of accommodation and arrival/departure transfers.

Flight/train tickets must always be booked independently.

Can you arrange accommodation?

We offer a wide range of accommodation options in Rovaniemi and in other parts of Lapland.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like to add accommodation to your holiday package. We always recommend to book long in advance as in peak season availability may be limited.

Can you arrange private transfers from/to airport?

Yes, we can arrange airpot transfers for your arrival/departure in Rovaniemi.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like to add airport transfers to your holiday package (with your flight details if you already have them).

Can you book a flight ticket for me?

Unfortuantely no. Flight tickets should be booked indenpendently.

Can I change some tours in the packages you offer?

If you would like to customize our standard holiday packages by adding/removing some tours, we invite you to contact our team ([email protected]) to discuss the options that would best fit you.

Please note that we may also organise a tailor-made package just for you.

Can I book a tailor-made package?

If our standard packages do not correspond to what you are looking for, you may contact us to arrange a completely tailor-made package that will adress your specific needs and requests. 

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