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In the Arctic, we are used to facing dangers. Our professional guides are all outdoor experienced and first-aid qualified. They are here to provide you with a safe environment and lead you through the beauty of Lapland in the best and safest way!

Because of COVID-19, we have taken additional measures to limit the risks of contagion and similar risks during our tours. Now more than ever, it makes even more sense for us to keep our philosophy of small-group tours and to refuse mass tourism.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, we have been very keen to follow all the recommendations issued by the Finnish authorities, and make adaptations to our tours when needed. If you have any concerns or questions related to our tours, we invite you to contact us to discuss them.

Our small-group philosophy

More than ever, it is important to keep our groups small and avoid mass tourism! Our office and changing room are set a capacity limit so that social distancing can always be guaranteed. Our philosophy and values are focused on small-group tourism, so all our tours are limited to a maximum of 8 guests. As we usually say – the smaller the group, the bigger the experience!

Social Distancing

Our team will make sure that social distancing is respected in all situations. We also kindly ask our guests to respect social distancing between them and other participants.

Hygienic Measures

All our equipment, overalls and boots are disinfected after each use. To limit the spread of infection and for the safety of all, guests are also kindly asked to bring their own hats, gloves and extra socks.


Our guides wear facemasks when indoors and during transportation. We invite our guests to bring their own facemasks as they may be required to wear one in certain situations during the tour.

Regular Handwashing

Our staff members and guides regularly wash their hands to limit the spread of viruses/bacteries. Hand sanitizers are available in our office and vehicles. Other hygienic measures are also respected when serving food, etc.



  • inform us immediately if you suspect to be infected by and/or presents symptoms of COVID-19,
  • dress properly with warm winter shoes/clothes, and use our overalls and boots only if necessary,
  • bring your own hats, gloves and extra socks as unfortunately we can no longer provide them for hygienic reasons,
  • bring a facemask with you as you may be required to wear one in certain situations,
  • respect social distancing in all situations and to use hand sanitizers to disinfect your hands,
  • use bathrooms of your hotel room/accommodation before joining our tour as access to our office toilets is temporarily limited for sanitary reasons,
  • understand that our guides are no longer able to take pictures with your phones/cameras, in order to preserve your safety and limit the spread of viruses,
  • forgive us for those restrictive sanitary measures. We are doing our best to offer you a great and safe Arctic experience in Finnish Lapland, and will make sure that your holidays go smooth and memorable!

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The smaller the group, the bigger the experience!