We publish on our Rovaniemi blog the reports of our Northern Lights Wilderness Tours. Check out what happened last nights and get a taste of what you will experience on our famous Aurora Borealis trips!

2 October 2019 : Our Experience paid off!

From the moment we left our safari office, we knew it would not be easy that night. But we were ready to try hard and visit different places to increase our chances to see the Northern lights!

Our guide’s experience and understanding of the local area paid off! Northern lights appeared exactly when we arrived to our second location. However, the arch line of the northern lights first remained extremely pale, and we were not immediately able to apart them from the clouds.

Aurora Borealis lovers

We are Aurora Borealis-lovers !

Northern lights kept dancing in the sky the whole night. At some point they got so strong that the long green stripes were easily visible with our naked eye. Through the camera, we could even capture a glimpse of purple and orange!

3 October 2019 : No lights but a true experience of Lapland

As we arrived to our first spot, we could already feel the serenity of the nature surrounding us. The sky above our heads was covered by white clouds but we could see a clear gap standing just over the horizon line. This was more than needed to feed our hope. We then drove to a second spot, 20 kilometres further north.

Everyone immediately succumbed to the charm of the place we arrived in. As we were standing on the shores, gazing across the tranquil waters of the lake, we understood that we had arrived right on time. The clouds were crumbling and soon we could see the stars in the sky. From then, there was only one thing to do: wait.

The master of fire-making

The master of fire-making!

Keeping an eye on the sky, we learned together how to make a fire with nothing else but wood and bark. No lighter. No matches. A pure taste of Lapland’s life! The campfire was also a great moment of sharing and filling our stomach with the best Finnish sausages. We also took a long moment to understand the phenomenon of the Northern Lights. Unfortunately, we were not as lucky as the night before, and the dark night brought its clouds again.

On the way back, we tried one last spot. In vain. Everybody was happy though. With or without Northern lights, we all lived a true experience of Lapland!

Literally a Joy Fire!

Literally a Joy Fire!


4 October 2019 : Northern Lights storm hit Rovaniemi ! 

As we got in the van, clouds were sadly covering the Rovaniemi sky, exactly like the day before. However, in the very far horizon, we could spot a clear gap in the clouds. We then drove in that direction, to get a chance to see the Northern lights. It was a good choice!

A few minutes after we drove out from Rovaniemi, the sky started to clear up. Amazingly bright Northern lights suddenly appeared just above our heads and we stopped three times (!) on the side of the road to admire the dancing shows of Mother Nature.

Amazing Northern Lights Rovaniemi


By the time we got to one of our favourite spots, everyone was already joyful with lots of memories sparkling in their eyes. The auroras kept dancing, while we were laughing around our campfire. What an evening we had!

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