Today’s wilderness tour consisted of two young men from Switzerland and a young lady from England, they braved a mighty -24 to -30. It was well worth the walk as the views were breath taking. Taking a tour on a day like this is the best way to experience the real Arctic!
Top Tips!
When you venture out for a few hours in the woods in these cold conditions you really start to feel the cold set in. Its visually clear how cold it is as everyones eye lashes have a lot of ice on the end of them, so much that they feel like they are sticking together when you blink! But what you need to be really aware of is how you are actually reacting to the cold and then you should also be fully aware of the people that your with.
Keep an eye out for your friends, if they start getting grumpy or have a sudden change in personality then its time to act, get them around a fire, ensure their cloths are done up as well as possible, ensure all extremities are covered.
Be careful out there guys, as much as its beautiful, it can be dangerous with such extreme conditions. So be smart and you’ll be safe!