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Canoeing Tours in Rovaniemi

We offer a selection of high-quality canoeing tours in Rovaniemi, the Finnish Lapland with professional canoeing guides.

Check here all our best canoeing tours departing from Rovaniemi.

Whether you want to take part in an all-day canoeing adventure, wish to experience the magical Midnight Sun while paddling, or even prefer to enjoy a combination of activities including a reindeer farm visit before your canoeing trip, you will find here the experience that best suits your expectations!

Authentic Reindeer Farm Visit with Canoe Trip in the Nature

Authentic Reindeer Farm Visit with Canoe Trip in the Nature

4 hours | 129€ / adult

June – the middle of October


Your guide will drive you to one of the most traditional reindeer farms in Lapland. The family of reindeer herders are based just outside of Rovaniemi on the shores of a peaceful lake.

Taking in the beautiful surroundings at the farm, you will learn about the reindeer from the herders. Afterwards, you will paddle around the lake and feel the complete harmony of Lapland nature surrounding you.


Canoeing under the Midnight Sun

Canoeing under the Midnight Sun

3 hours | 109€ / adult

June – the beginning of August


Paddle on the peaceful waters of Finnish Lapland and enjoy the beauty of the Midnight Sun! This guided activity will offer you a unique summer Arctic experience you will long remember!

The land, vegetation and animals finally have an opportunity to replenish their energy levels after long winter. Paddling across the lake, you will have the chance to be a part of this unique summer harmony.


Summer canoeing tour in Rovaniemi

All Day Canoe Adventure to Rovaniemi

6 hours | 150€ / adult

June – September


Challenge yourself and embark on an all-day canoe adventure to Rovaniemi! Canoeing is the perfect and relaxing way to discover Lapland in summer while respecting untouched local nature.

You will get the chance to enjoy the peacefulness of nature, appreciate the Arctic fauna and flora from a different perspective, and end the day with a great feeling of achievement after this mini-adventure!


Canoe Trip in Lapland

Canoe Trip in Lapland

3 hours | 99€ / adult

the middle of May – September


Discover the peaceful summer scenery of Lapland with this guided canoeing tour. The activity level is adapted to your skills to let you fully enjoy Arctic nature in the most relaxing way!

While paddling, you feel the peacefulness of Arctic nature and enjoy a completely different perspective of Lapland! Once back onshore, you will be welcomed by an open fire and typical Finnish campfire snacks.


Cultural Canoe Trip around Rovaniemi

Cultural Canoe Trip around Rovaniemi

3 hours and 30 minutes | 109€ / adult

June – September


Visit Rovaniemi in a very unique and original way! Canoeing together on the Arctic rivers, your professional guide will show you around Rovaniemi and the different tourist attractions.

Your guide will share with you knowledge about the town, its history, life in Lapland and Arctic nature. Later you will also visit the Local Heritage Museum of Rovaniemi located on the shores of the nice river.


Rent a Canoe in Rovaniemi - Kanootin vuokraus Rovaniemellä

Rent a Canoe in Rovaniemi

Flexible | Price upon request

June – September


Canoeing is the perfect and relaxing way to discover Lapland in summer while respecting its untouched nature. Take your chance, rent a canoe, and discover the Lapland rivers on your own!

You can rent also other equipment such as waterproof bags, safety equipment or car trailer. Enjoy your summer canoeing adventure in the middle of the Arctic wilderness and explore local nature and wildlife.


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