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Ever heard of our icebreaker cruise? Honestly, me neither before I started working here. Back in December, I had the opportunity to join in on one of our most premium products – our icebreaker cruise. I am still processing this trip and its memories and the nice crew I got to meet. Perhaps this is why it took me so long to finally write this blog article.

But now let me take you on a brief journey to Swedish Lapland, where amidst the snowy trees and frozen sea ice a big cruise ship waited for us to take us on an adventure in the Baltic Sea – or shall I say on the Baltic Sea.

But perhaps we need to go back even further. We left snowy Rovaniemi quite early in the morning. The icebreaker crew provides pickup from all central points in Rovaniemi. As a courtesy for the early morning pickup, they let you sleep on the bus almost the whole way to the Swedish border – unless you are too busy marvelling at the beautiful snowy trees engulfing the street or trying to spot reindeer on the way. Personally speaking, I could never choose sleep on road trips through Finnish Lapland.

Snowy road

It is boarding time!

After we crossed over the border, my excitement grew more and more and finally, we saw the ship laying in the Bothnian Bay. Mighty and high it was waiting for us to come aboard. And so we did.

We then drove for one hour to a very scenic location in the middle of nowhere. It was breathtaking to see how effortlessly the ship was able navigate its way through the thick frozen sea ice. Fun fact: Icebreakers have elevated noses, so they can break the with force from above as opposed to a frontal push. And after we broke the ice (quite literally) and got to know everyone and our surroundings a bit better, it was time to undress. Umm… change into thick survival suits, I mean. Because the next program point was something I had wanted to try since I first moved to Lapland over two years ago – Ice floating.

Bothnian Sea

Earlier on the bus, we all got wrist bands in separate colours to divide us into different groups. Not only does this ensure safety as the group sizes are quite small, it also means that you get to enjoy the experience while practically feeling alone in this pristine and untouched environment. As the first part of the group was peacefully floating in Arctic waters, the others got a guided tour through the ship, being able to have peek into its darkest and most hidden corners.

Not going to lie, when it was my turn swimming I could not imagine that I would feel literally nothing of the cold water through the thick suit. But it literally feels like you are cushioned in a warm set of blankets while you get to stare into the distance or up in the sky. It was the most surreal feeling ever. And of course, we got professional photos taken in our suits to mark this experience for eternity.

Ice floating

Icebreaker Tour was an unforgettable experience!

Although technically not necessary, after the ice floating we got to warm up with hot drinks inside the seating area on the boat while driving back to the shore. Once there, the bus ride commenced to a scenic village near the Swedish border, where we got to enjoy lunch at the cutest little family-owned and operated business. The only thing separating us from Finland at this point was a river and maybe it is just me, but the prospect of having lunch in Sweden while being able to observe Finland is something quite cool!

And way too soon after, Finland was calling again and we drove back to Rovaniemi. Even though the trip was over, the day I had just spent and the experience I got to enjoy would stay with me for a long time. Even now I look at the photos and feel this immense happiness and joy.

I also now get why they insisted on taking that many photos of us in these very unflattering, thick suits, haha. I also find that this tour is something that does not get enough recognition amongst our guests who are looking for experiences, but all I can say is that after trying it, I can wholeheartedly recommend it!

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