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Do you want to meet the most iconic animal in Lapland? Come and join us on our trip to one of the most traditional Reindeer Farms in Finland.

For the Reindeer Farm Visit we have two options and trust me, it’s a hard choice. I did both tours and I really can’t say which one I like better.

The first option is the morning Reindeer Farm visit. Because it is the first visit of the day, we could watch the feeding of the reindeer. After that the owners of the farm took us to a small loop where each of us could practice their reindeer sled driving skills. It’s always two person per sled and although it is pretty short (only about 400m) it’s a lot of fun. The reindeer that pulled our sled this day couldn’t wait to get going. It really seemed like a lot of fun for the reindeer too.

Sleigh Ride

It was cold that day, around -15, which is nice for the reindeer but not so much for us. So by now, we were all ready to go inside and warm up by a fire with hot drinks. Although the first part of the tour was nice and fun, the time around the fire is the most interesting one. The reindeer herder told us a lot about the farm, herding reindeer, the lifestyle of herders and much more. Our guests now had the chance to ask as many questions as they want.

This tour was a great chance to see more of the reindeer farm and be close to the reindeer. But our guests and we also learned a lot about the traditional lifestyle of reindeer herders.

Reindeer Farm Visit

The second option is an afternoon visit of the Reindeer Farm. This one starts with a long sleigh ride. As we arrived at the farm, the herders had already prepared some reindeer for it. We just needed some instructions and could then start the tour. As always, two people per sled but this time our guests could just sit back and relax. Because the sleds are tied to one another, we didn’t have to do anything so we had time to enjoy the nature. As it is an afternoon tour, you can watch it getting darker slowly which is quite nice.

Reindeer Farm Visit

By the time we got back, there was no daylight left. Perfect time for a fire! We went inside to warm up and have some hot drinks. Like on the morning Reindeer Farm visit, our guests could now listen to the reindeer herder explaining more details about the farm and the lifestyle. Of course our guests were welcome to ask questions as well.

This afternoon tour is great if you want to experience a longer reindeer sleigh ride and learn more about reindeer herding.

Long Reindeer Sleigh Ride

As you can see, both tours are great and we had two beautiful days at the Reindeer Farm!

Check out the full description of the tours here. You can even do the reindeer sleigh ride in the evening and get a chance to see the Northern Lights during your ride.

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