Last Saturday I was lucky enough to have two wonderful clients from the United States for a 6hr tour. This tour is called the Aurora hunt, the idea of the tour is that we travel to many locations to try and find the Aurora. However, on this night the furthest we travelled was from the fire to the middle of the lake where we all laid on the ice gazing at the sky in awe.

Throughout the night their were signs of Aurora, streaks of light gently covering the sky displaying such beauty and power that one would never expects to appear from above us. 

I am writing about this night in particular as there were movements, shapes and bursts of energy in the Aurora that I have never seen before, things that have really imprinted themselves on my mind. One of the most powerful moments of the night was in fact when the Lights were very dim and were no longer showing a vast array of colours, instead it was like seeing a dim cloud in the sky and it was directly above where we were lying. This dim cloud didn’t just sit still, it was the same shape as the green picture below but it appeared in lines and then in turn it disappeared just a second later, just to be replaced by another shape which stayed for a second and then disappeared again and this continued for maybe 10 minutes.

It was like someone was above us with a very complicated postage stamp in one hand and a very effective eraser in the other. 

One thing is certain, when you sit out under lights like this for a period of time, a full belly and good company it is then that the stresses of your normal life become a mystery and the quietness of the arctic circle becomes the only thing you want to be surrounded by