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Most of the travellers visit Nordic countries and especially Lapland in the hope of seeing the Northern Lights. In the summer months, it is not possible due to objective reasons. However, nature arranged it pretty well and prepared an equally unique phenomenon for us for the summer season – the Midnight Sun.

Underappreciated beauty of the Midnight Sun

I still happily remember the moment when I first saw the Northern Lights. I was standing on top of the Ounasvaara hill in Rovaniemi, and suddenly a stunning light show appeared above me. Seeing the famous aurora borealis was a dream come true for me, and I had chills from this experience all over my body. This moment will be unforgettable for me for the rest of my life.

However, summer in Lapland is surprisingly as wonderful as winter! Nature has prepared another phenomenon in the sky, which can captivate you as well. I considered myself a lover of the winter season, and therefore I did not have high expectations from watching the Midnight Sun. Yes, it’s an interesting phenomenon, but what’s more? My first experience convinced me that I was wrong.

Canoeing under the Midnight Sun

Walking at night in Rovaniemi along the Kemijoki River during an almost endless “sunset”, crossing the stunning The Lumberjacks Candle Bridge and chills are again here! Together with a feeling of unlimited joy for me and everyone around. Random encounters with strangers and sharing the happiness of the Midnight Sun through fleeting smiles will fill you with positive energy.

My first experience with the Midnight Sun changed my daily routine. During the Midnight Sun season, I try to go to the forest as often as possible, enjoy the unreal views, colourful sky, recharge my batteries, experience short moments of joy again and again. It’s great that, unlike the Northern Lights, we are sure we will always see the Midnight Sun (unless it’s cloudy and rainy, of course). From my own experience, I guarantee that it will enchant you like me!

To make your experience more intense and unforgettable, you should try some activities under the Midnight Sun with Wild About Lapland! Night canoeing, wilderness hiking or watching arctic animals are unique moments of a traveller’s life! See you in Rovaniemi next summer!