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There are many special animals in the Nordics. Depending on where you are, you can encounter different species. But one animal can be found everywhere up here – the reindeer. When you drive down a road, just keep looking to your left and right and the chances are high you will see some. When you want to come closer, however, we offer a great possibility to meet those 4-legged cuties!

Meet the professionals – reindeer herders from Lapland

There are many traditional reindeer farms that are happy to invite guests to their farm and give you an insight on what it means being a reindeer herder. I remember my first encounter with those beautiful animals. A huge herd was standing there, watching us, and waiting to be fed – of which we could be a part of! Standing in the snow and feeding a reindeer is something special… Even though they are not too big, their antlers can be pretty impressive when they look at you with their big, dark eyes.


And when your feet and noses are frozen, it is time to warm up around the fire, along with cookies and some typical Finnish hot berry juice. This is where you can ask all those questions that are on your mind and when the herders will share their knowledge with you and tell stories from a world, that is probably very far from how you grew up.

Did you know, for instance, that all those reindeer that you can meet on the street belong to someone? Or that they grow a new pair of antlers each year? Antlers are the fastest growing bone there is – with up to two centimeters per day! That is probably what has impressed me the most.

One of the best tours in Lapland – visiting traditional reindeer farm

So, why don’t you come join us on one of these special visits? We cooperate with one of the most traditional reindeer farms there is and which has opened their doors to guests to educate them about a long-forgotten tradition outside the rural areas of Finland.

During winter, we offer morning visits with extended feeding sessions and close contact with the reindeer. When there is snow, the experience is rounded off by a 400-metres sleigh ride and a nice conversation over tea/coffee and cookies around the fire.

Feeding the reindeer

Our afternoon visits include a longer 2.5-kilometres sleigh ride, transporting you back to a time where reindeer sleds were the main means of transportation in Lapland. Would you believe that this was less than 100 years ago? Afterwards you too can warm up around the fire and ask away about anything you ever wanted to know. Now is your chance, so don’t be shy!

We caught your interest? Then be part of the experience! We would love to give you a glimpse into the life of a traditional reindeer farmer.

Check the tour details and prices HERE.