A walk in the wilderness !

On our way to Vaattunkiköngäs, we were delighted to see reindeer on the road which was a first for our little group, the nature aspect of the tour has already started.

 We taught a lot to our clients, because there is so much to teach about Lapland’s wilderness and about the animals that live in that environment, it is our pleasure to share our knowledge with people who do not particularly know a lot about Lapland’s nature. 

Nature will provide you with everything you need to make a fire, you just have to know it! 

Especially what we call Old Man’s Beard, a plant that grows on trees in areas where the air is pure and unpolluted. After a long white winter, it is nice to see how the nature has woken up, the trees have leaves and animals are very active. 

Turn your phones off, stay quiet and enjoy pure experience of Lapland’s nature and if your lucky you could spot some wild animals. 

The clients were amazed to learn how to make a fire without using any matches,they even tried to do it on their own, with great success it was a nice time around the fire, eating sausages, sharing even more stories about Lapland’s local culture.



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