A one of a kind experience in Ranua !

We drove from Rovaniemi to Ranua, to the wolf dogs farm, where the owner introduced us his wild dogs, in total 10 of them, magnificent animals you will have never experienced an encounter like this one before!

Not only are the Wolfdogs amazing but the lifestyle of Harold and his wife Sarah, as they are trying to live sustainably off the land with the large amount of grassland that they harvest potatoes from, they also no running water and no electricity, making this experience the real arctic experience. 

They are very impressive animals as you can perfectly see the wolf part of them, physically they are bigger and taller than normal dogs and the color of the eyes is enchanting. Harold, the owner, explained a lot of interesting things about them and how they are different from regular dogs.

After severals instructions, we entered the pen. Nervous at first as they are looking at you with a overwhelming curiosity, and sniffing you. We let them get used to us and us to them and after a while, we pet 2 of them. We even got the chance to feed them. It was an incredible experience that we love to share, as it is the only Wolfdog farm thats open to the public in Europe. 

Then we shared a tea around the fire and went to the Ranua Park Wildlife Park.



Join our trip to Wolfdog Farm and Ranua Wildlife Park !