The start of the Aurora season

The Northern lights are by far the most impressive natural phenomena I have ever seen and we are now blessed with autumn in Rovaniemi. Why do I say we are blessed? because with this wonderful time of year, when we have no snow on the ground, we have super dark nights and with super dark nights, the Aurora is more visible to the naked eye , plus its much warmer 🙂

One thing most people know Lapland for is the cold dark times of year when northern lights are as frequent as your eye lashes freezing together on the way to work. But what we want people to understand is the feeling we have when the seasons start to change, when the sky darkens at night, after the long light nights of the summer. This is the time of year that we can start to feel ourselves calming, sleeping better at night and filling our lungs with the fresh morning air. Plus, now we have dew on the grass, imagine that, we miss dew on the grass in the mornings during the summer as it doesn’t get cold enough for it to form!

Now the Northern lights season has started, we cannot wait to watch the seasons change again, from Autumn into winter and then into spring and we hope you will stay tuned to our blog to catch the bits that make us feel something special inside.



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