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Canoeing in Rovaniemi – Melontaretkiä rovaniemellä

Now summer in here in Lapland, the waterways are finally open and adventure awaits for those who wish to discover some untouched nature!

You can now enjoy a range of canoe trips with us. Ranging from midnight sun trips to cultural canoe trips.

You can even check our latest Video on our youtube channel. The video is set on our combined trip where we visit the Reindeer farm and feed the big males and then in the afternoon we take a canoe lesson and head around the lake there! A wonderful way to have an authentic experience while learning a skills at the same time. Check out the tour here.

We are also renting our canoes, we do this on a dailt basis where ou guests choose where we meet them and drop off the canoes, we are also super happy to meet you in a new location down river for example to allow you a full days paddle.

To rent the canoe, please just send us an email to [email protected] or call us on 0405688570 


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