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Rovaniemi is the official hometown of Santa Claus, and 19 November marks the grand opening of the 2022 Christmas Season. The night before, we got our first Christmas present – proper winter conditions and these magical Northern Lights!

This November is very tricky in terms of weather conditions with a surprisingly low amount of snow (just a few centimetres in the last few days) in Rovaniemi. The rest of Lapland is not as snowy as usual too. But finally, we have had proper winter conditions in the last days. Temperatures were even going down to -20 Celsius in some areas!

Frozen landscapes in Lapland

With all the frozen trees and a small amount of snow, our surroundings suddenly look again like a winter wonderland. Last night we again had departures of our most popular Northern Lights Wilderness Tour. All our guests were lucky to enjoy the magic of this natural phenomenon in the middle of the frozen Arctic wilderness.

It’s a privilege for us that we were able to provide our customers with a great experience, and at the same time, nature helped us with this beautiful Northern Lights show! We are thankful for these moments, and here are some pictures for you to enjoy this atmosphere from your homes. Greetings from the Arctic Circle!

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