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There is nothing better than enjoying nature while driving your own sled pulled by Alaskan Huskies! Join us in another dog sledding trip to our favorite Husky Farm.

It’s Christmas time and this time there was enough snow! So there was no need to worry about all the bumps on the dog sledding trail. Like always, our guests were excited as they never did dog sledding before. But I am excited as well, no matter how many times I already went to the Husky Farm. I just love the dogs, they are so cute!

Dog at Husky Farm

It’s always funny how surprised our guests are when they see the dogs for the first time. They don’t look like the ones that you always see in movies: black and white with blue or multicolored eyes. That is because they are Alaskan Huskies, not Siberian ones. Alaskan Huskies are better when it comes to speed and endurance. Plus, they really love to pull the sled and can’t wait to get going!

So, after some instructions, it was time to go. Lucky for me that we had an uneven number of guests, so I got to join the Husky sleigh ride. As it was really cold that day, we all decided to leave our masks on. Good decision! By the time we had to switch places, the masks were already frozen!

Dog Sledding

Despite the cold temperatures, it was a great and fun experience, like always! Our guests were happy and being cold didn’t prevent us from petting the dogs a while before going inside. There, we enjoyed a nice warm drink and a snack while our guests had time to ask questions. They got more information about the Husky farm, dog sledding and whatever else they’d like to know before it was time to head back.

Dog Sledding

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