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“Ruska” is a Finnish word that is not easy to properly translate into English. It means “colours of autumn”, and by extension refers to this specific time of year, often in September, when the leaves blush and begin to fall.

Ruska is for sure a unique show! Imagine: a vast nature that is adorned with its most noble clothes, as for a last goodbye to summer. Everywhere in Lapland, the birch leaves are turning into gold, auburn, copper, ocher. Heathers and berries cover the undergrowth with a carmine and purple carpet. The Taiga forest is shining. Not to mention all the arctic animals nature-lovers can meet on their paths : squirrels, birds, reindeer, Arctic hares, moose …

Ruska is also a special moment in Lapland life. In the golden shades of the forests, in the sighs of the wind, for each of its fallen leaves, one can feel some sweet nostalgia. But there is also a certain excitement as the tough cold white winter is about to come.

Ruska is an ideal time to explore subarctic nature and discover the secrets of its wilderness, whether on foot or by canoe. The autumnal equinox, and the often-clear sky at this time of the year, also bring good chances to observe the Northern Lights.

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