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The very first evening of 2023 offered impressive Auroras over Lapland. We had perfect conditions for observing the Northern Lights on 1 January. The same situation happened a year before, so it seems that Mother Nature wants to celebrate the new year in style!

December was a very challenging month for all the Aurora hunters from Rovaniemi. The weather was terrible, and the sky was usually not full of the stars and Northern Lights but clouds. It forced all the Aurora enthusiasts to drive long kilometres to observe this magical phenomenon. Even our Aurora tours often ended up in Sweden where we had a much better cloud situation.

The beginning of the new year was much better in the Rovaniemi area. We finally had a clear sky not that far, and all our guests were able to see the Auroras over Lapland in the middle of Arctic wilderness. That’s the start of the year we wished for!

Check the gallery below with some nice pictures from the first evening of 2023 and the first successful Northern Lights tours of the year.

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