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Luxury Trips in Lapland

Lapland is the place to discover many things, including the chance to rediscover yourself and bond with your loved ones.

Our tailor made trips allow you to enjoy the high end of luxury. Whether it be heli skiing in Norway, or camping in the arctic winter with nothing but Auroras over your head. Luxury travel is decided by the traveller, not by us!

There are many ways one can describe a luxury trip. Because everyone has their own understanding of what luxury is for them, whether it be Canoeing down a fast moving river, or jumping into a helicopter and moving around Lapland to discover its highlights. What we do is work for you to make the trips easy to handle. With a one on one approach, and then, the end result is you get a host and a great and easy get away!

We at Wild about Lapland have been offering Tailor made trips for 5 years. Now, due to the need for us all to adapt, we are working strongly for our personalities to share the real Lapland and its luxurious side. Now we have created the best itineraries that allow you to find the true beauty of the north in an extremely comfortable / stylish / adventurous way with the WHOLE family.

Not only that but we can offer you an empty itinerary, with just accommodation booked. and you can choose the rest on the go! The options are entirely yours.

To see a bit more of the experiences we provide, please take a look at our videos here or check out our web page here.

To create your special holiday, please just send us an email to [email protected] or call us on 0405688570