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Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon, so it’s hard to predict in advance if you will experience only a gentle green line over the horizon, a solid dance full of colours, a massive Aurora storm, or you will not be lucky at all. Weather is another important factor for successful Aurora Hunting. Sometimes you have super cold nights with clear skies, and sometimes it’s almost impossible to find a gap in clouds anywhere in Lapland.

So as you can see, Northern Lights hunting is not that easy. But that’s why we have a great team full of experienced Arctic guides! This December in the Rovaniemi area is very challenging in terms of suitable weather conditions. It forced us to think out of the box and sometimes extend our Arctic adventures hundreds of kilometres from Rovaniemi and occasionally visit even Sweden to maximise the chances for our guests to experience and see this natural phenomenon.

The story from last night shows how patience has paid off. Our guests already got their first Christmas present 5 days before Christmas – beautiful Northern Lights over Finnish Lapland!

Family-friendly Northern Lights Wilderness Tour

Beautiful explosions of Northern Lights in the middle of wilderness

“I saw we have to drive northwards to see the Northern Lights and get out of the clouds,” explains Gábor – one of our most experienced guides. After 90 kilometres of driving in winter conditions, it was still cloudy, so he decided to make a stop to have a quick barbecue with his group. Meanwhile, he followed the real-time cloud situation with a mobile app (a must-have tool for all our guides).

“I saw that the western part of Lapland will be clear soon, so I explained to our guests what’s our plan. After 30 minutes of driving, we finally had a completely clear sky with huge Auroras. My group was extremely happy,” says Gábor, originally from Hungary, but with a big passion for the Arctic environment.

Happy family with Northern Lights

After taking many pictures and videos and enjoying this breathtaking show, it was time to drive back to Rovaniemi. But Mother Nature was strictly against his plans. “We had to stop after 15 minutes because suddenly everything was green. Even better than the first explosion. Literally in the middle of nowhere, we spent a half more hour under Aurora Borealis,” finished Gábor and was excited about the happiness and great atmosphere he shared and enjoyed together with his group.

Enjoy the video and some pictures from this unforgettable night for our guests!

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