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We publish on our Rovaniemi blog the reports of our Northern Lights Wilderness Tours. Check out what happened over the last few nights and get a taste of what you will experience on our famous Aurora Borealis trips!

 20 January 2020: Be flexible!

What do you need to see Northern Lights ? Many things! But on the top of the list, you need to be flexible!

This is one reason why we are operating only small-group tours : we can easily adapt them to the weather conditions and find the best weather window to hunt the Northern lights!

That night, the weather was really bad, with heavy snowfalls predicted all day. However, around 23.00-midnight, the sky was supposed to clear up a bit and the night was to be great. We jumped on the opportunity and grasp our chance to see the auroras. 

It was the last night in Lapland for our special guests from Belgium, and they could not leave the Arctic without at least trying. Just for them, we adapted the tour and started at 22.00 so we could get a higher chance to catch something among the stars.  

Our lovely Northern Lights hunters

Our lovely Northern Lights hunters

Unfortunately, the weather in Lapland is very tricky. The forecast was not completely wrong that night : a clear window appeared, but later and shorter than predicted. 

No lights were seen that night… but at least we tried. And we still spent a great moment all together! 

21 January 2020: Be perseverant!

The conditions were optimal to see Northern Lights : very clear sky and great solar activity. Nothing else but some help from  Mother nature would be needed to see the magic happen!

For some of our guests, it was their second night out. They tried a few nights before but something was always wrong : the auroras were too pale or the weather turned negatively or changed too quickly.

But that night was the night, and their perseverance paid off! The aurora show was fantastic and lasts for a couple of hours! Wow!


Northern Lights Rovaneimi

Can you see the reflection of the lights?

Amazing Northern Lights in Rovaniemi

Amazing sky!

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