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 29 November 2019: the Auroras are back!

Weather is an important factor that plays a big role in the Auroras hunting. Without a clear sky, even the strongest Northern Lights would not be enjoyable behind the clouds. Unfortunately, the last two weeks had been playing hard with our patience and nerves! The winds coming from Sweden were constantly bringing clouds and snowfalls to Lapland. We had tried hard to find gaps in the cloudy skies, but even when we succeeded, the auroras were then too shy to show up.

That night was different though. For the first time in two weeks, we could enjoy a dark roof full of stars over our heads. And they were back and beautiful… the Auroras!

They were certainly not the most impressive Northern Lights, and it was maybe not the most picturesque show. But those auroras left a warm feeling into our heart. We missed them so much, like one misses a good friend gone for too long.


Northern Lights are back to Lapland

Our good old friend is back!

30 November 2019: The Northern Lights stay with us all night!

Some of our guests who joined our Northern Light excursion the night before wanted to try again and enjoy the show again. Some others were just willing to have a challenging experience in the Arctic nature. We then decided to bring them all to one of our secret places located north of Rovaniemi. The way to get there is not the easiest, especially with the deep hard snow that is now covering the forests. But we were all very decided and brave enough to try!

As we walk up to the top of the hill, we could already see some greenish movements on our right side. Those were for sure Northern Lights! As we soon reached the top of the hill, the view was breathtaking : Northern lights were stretching over the dark valleys of Lapland.

Everything was so calm and quiet. Even the auroras were still, and stayed with us all night layingover the sky. We sat in our teepee aound an open a fire that warmed up our bodies (it was -15C that night!), and some time to time, we went out to enjoy the pure silence and beauty of the sky.

Teepee Northern Lights

And the Northern Lights stayed with us all night!

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