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Rovaniemi, the capital city of Finnish Lapland, is located at the Arctic Circle. It means that we have super good chances to observe the Northern Lights here. The main “enemy” of all Aurora hunters is weather – clouds to be specific.

Aurora Hunting is a perfect way to enjoy pure Arctic adventure even if you are not into outdoor and adventurous activities. Night drive through the Lappish wilderness, the temperature sometimes dropping down to -30°C, Arctic wildlife, snow, ice – that’s what makes this experience unforgettable. But to see the Northern Lights, sometimes you have to be lucky… or have experienced guides with you!

Night drive in Lapland

As I mentioned before – the weather is our “enemy”. For observing the Northern Lights, we need to have a clear sky. Especially during the winter months, it’s very tricky to find it. That’s why our professional team works hard all day to analyse weather forecasts and data to maximise chances for our guests to experience the magic of the Aurora Borealis during our tours.

Sometimes it’s easy – sometimes it’s almost impossible. If we have really small odds to be successful and in the end we are – then we can enjoy a super rewarding feeling as well. And this week was exactly like this! Very cloudy weather but with many successful Northern Lights tours thanks to our fantastic guides. Enjoy some of the best pictures from last week in the gallery below.

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