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Northern lights trip info for the season ahead in Rovaniemi

Winter 2021 – Rovaniemi Aurora tours

Some Covid directions for when considering tours

Northern lights is one of the main attractions in Rovaniemi, as its easy access from all over the world allowing people to hop into the Arctic for a brief visit to try and see one of the world’s greatest phenomenons. But as we all know, there is a new difficulty all around us, Covid!

We want to give all of you who are interested in a mini expedition to the wilds of Lapland with us a bit of info. We want to let you know how we will operate as we move forward into the next winter.

For us and everyone else, safety is key, in fact safety has always been key on all of our tours from the moment you meet our guides. So Covid is giving us one extra element to be aware of and we ask for your help in taking care and being respectful to others. As we are all aware we each have a great responsibility as we move forwards.

Some health and safety considerations

So, number one is obvious, Please wear a mask while in enclosed spaces!

No.2: If you have any symptoms, please don’t join the tour! just contact us, we are quite an understanding bunch of humans who are here to give you experiences… not covid 🙂

No.3: Please strongly consider private tours, they will make a huge difference in the risk of contagion and also, private tours rock, private guide, private locations, and did I say private guide.  Having a private guide allows you to ask a million questions about their lives and Lapland and Auroras and snow and anything else appropriate you can think of.

No.4: Lets all take as many sanitary measures as possible. We will be making big changes where, for example, our guides will not be in the building at the same time, nor will groups. This way we can avoid people mixing while in their workplace etc.

No.5: Covid is obviously a game changer, but we all have to live with it and move forwards, so let’s find a silver lining to Covid and enjoy our small group tours, good people and great places!

I hope you like this post and that it gives you the feeling that we will and can move forwards. Also that we must continue enjoying our nature, as it has the best benefits for our health!

If your curious about the Aurora tours, please do check out our Youtube channel, we have a nice vid of the Aurora tour here.

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