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Ever been ski trekking before? Our ski trekking adventure is the newest product we added to our long list of adventures. Equipped with the skis we provide, you will be able to go through Lapland’s beautiful and snowy nature.

One of the best ways to experience the heart of Lapland

Have you ever dreamt to be in the middle of the snowy beauty of Lapland? Ever wanted to try out skiing but were too afraid of going downhill? Well, fear no more. Following the feedback and response from previous clients, we have decided to add ski trekking to our long and many lists of adventures. You don’t really need previous experience to have a fun adventure day out in the snow. One of our experienced guides will make sure to explain you the basics before you get to try out ski trekking for the first time.

You are not a beginner? Not an issue! We adapt our tours to the knowledge and ability of our guests to ensure everyone has a great time with us.

Ski Trekking Tour

So, why ski trekking?

You can enjoy ski trekking far away from the beaten path and take in Lapland’s fresh air and relaxing silence. We usually like to take a moment on all of our active adventures to just slow down and actually feel the silence that characterises our beautiful Lapland. Take a breath and connect with nature and your surroundings.

Feel how you too calm down and how the cold winter air fills your lungs and awakes you, giving you energy to continue your adventure. We never take more than 8 people on our tours, so all of our experiences provide an intimate and connected feel to nature and its surroundings.

Ski Trekking Tour

Ski trekking is great fun – no matter your level of previous knowledge

Personally, I find ski trekking highlighted a valuable life lesson: no matter how often you fall, you just need to get back up again and carry on with it. And in the beginning when I was still lacking confidence on the skies, I fell a lot. But don’t get discouraged just yet, you can really feel getting more and more confidence on your skis as the tour progresses. And it is such a rewarding feeling to be able to move faster and more confident as time progresses.

Also, pssst… but the one with the most expressive and impressive fall will get the biggest piece of chocolate. So, get ready to compete with your friends! And because you deserve it, the Finnish snack you will get during your break around a campfire will accompany the wonderful views on Lappish forests.


Convinced by these points? Feel free to join our tour and strap your skis on!

This tour lasts three hours and a half and can be done in the morning or the afternoon. This allows you to let yourself glide through the hills and enjoy Lapland’s amazing landscapes in all of its beauty!

You can check the tour details HERE.