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We are slowly but surely approaching the peak season here in Lapland and can see the snow falling outside. It’s a beautiful time of year, but it’s not the first time this season that it snows! We’ve had snow twice already this season, but unfortunately it melted again after a few days. It’s not that unusual, but it’s even nicer when the snow finally stays!

The creaking of the snow under your shoes, the special smell of icy air, the rivers slowly carrying more and more ice floes, the trees bending to the weight of the snow… What could be more magical?

What you can do during these weeks in Lapland?

And there are great opportunities to enjoy this season! Especially now, when there is more sunlight than later in the year, long walks through the Lappish forests are a great way to experience that oh, so special silence of a forest covered in snow.

But probably the more popular way to spend your free time here in the north is cross-country skiing. With endless paths and forests, the conditions are super for a great time. But not only can we pick up snowy hikes and cross-country skiing, but also more adventurous activities like snowmobile tours or ice climbing on frozen waterfalls in Korouoma Canyon.

Snow in Lapland

Along with the snow, the dark arrives, too. You might be wondering if it is not just dark all the time in winter. Yes, the days are shorter up here, but not all the time. We do have some hours of sunlight (depending on the time you are coming), but especially long beautiful pink sunrises and sunsets!

Those are very special and can really sweeten your day. On the shortest day we have a pink morning, noon and evening. And once the sunset is over… it is time for the Northern Lights! But that was the topic of the last blog article, so you should make sure to check that out!

So… what are you waiting for? Get your (really) warm clothes on and some equipment and enjoy those special outdoors!