So summer is coming to an end here in Rovaniemi! Yes, I completely agree, it’s early, but with it comes great news, the Aurora is back already!

Now, the endless days are behind us, the nights are getting longer and the trees are losing their deep green and the whole landscape of Lapland will change very fast. As the Autumn colours (Ruska in Finnish) set in we will start to see the changes out in the wild. The blue berries and cloud berries will drop, the mushrooms will start to sprout and during these spectacular changes, every night when it gets dark, you can look to the sky in hope to see the magical dance of the Northern Lights!

This is by far the best time to view the Aurora for many reasons, for example, its not -40, you get to watch the colours rebound off huge lakes and if your really up for experiencing this Spectacular phenomenon in the wilderness, here in the Taiga (or Boreal forest), then please bring a towel and we can take a swim. We will then warm up over a fire with a hot drink and grilling a sausage!