Now we have finally come out of the polar night, we get to see daylight more and more often, which is great when one wants to go deep into the woods to discover what lies below the ice.

With all this extra light we are getting (an extra 10-12 minutes a day) the fish are becoming more and more active. When this picture was taken we caught 8 fish and they were well deserved after drilling 10 holes in the ice, each one was a metre deep.

Ice fishing a great way to experience an activity that is still being practiced by the Finnish people, many folk who live in the woods will do some ice fishing every week as it allows some of the freshest food to be put on the table. Not only do you have a chance to catch this fresh food but its a great way to escape the pressures of everyday life, its silent, peaceful and visually refreshing to be away from everyday life.

When Ice fishing with us you will get an option of venues to go to all of which is dependent on your fitness levels, if you catch a fish we will prepare it immediately and cook it over the open fire.