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We publish on our Rovaniemi blog the reports of our Northern Lights Wilderness Tours. Check out what happened over the last few nights and get a taste of what you will experience on our famous Aurora Borealis trips!

Very clear sky but the Northern Lights were shy


The beginning of March usually starts excellent for us when it comes to the Northern Lights. March is usually the best time for seeing the Northern Lights because Solar activity has historically been high around the March Equinox and it is a solar activity that drives the Northern Lights. Also, as spring approaches the weather in Lapland improves and the heaviest snow clouds of the winter have usually done their job which means that March skies can often be clearer than in December or January for example. In the morning of 02.03, the weather was predicted to be excellent for the night, with a clear sky and strong solar activity.
Auroras are usually most often observed between sunset and midnight, that is when people tend to be on the lookout. At the beginning of March, Sun in Rovaniemi sets around 18.00.  So, our guides started the aurora tour this evening at 19.00. As was expected, it did not take long for the guides to find beautiful green polar lights playing in the sky. Unfortunately, auroras are sometimes very unpredictable. We were expecting to see very strong auroras due to clear sky that night, but in reality, they remained pale and shy. Maybe they just kept their best colors for the following night?

aurora in march

Clear March skies.

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