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We publish on our Rovaniemi blog the reports of our Northern Lights Wilderness Tours. Check out what happened over the last few nights and get a taste of what you will experience on our famous Aurora Borealis trips!

3rd of March 2020: Crisp weather and clear sky

On the 3rd of March, the weather conditions for the auroras to appear were excellent. We had a clear sky and high enough solar activity. We hoped our best to catch them that night, as aurora is sometimes unpredictable.

In the evening, we did not have to disappoint. Everything was how we were expecting how it would be. We found the Northern Lights near Rovaniemi. It was so beautiful that none of our guests did even care that the temperature at that night was -20 degrees, as it is sometimes at the beginning of March.

aurora on the background

Sky of March.

4th of March 2020: Shy Northern Lights

After a great week of chasing aurora with clear skies and cold temperatures, the weather was getting more challenging for us again. The forecast on the 4th of March showed us again cloudy sky due to snowfall. We then had to adapt our Northern Lights hunt because of that.
We started our tour one hour earlier on that evening, driving far east in order to escape from the wispy veil coming from Sweden. When we arrived at one of the lakes we had always prefered for the Northern Lights show, the sky was still without clouds so we could even see the stars! We did not have much choice what to do there than just wait and let the Mother Nature do her job. Unfortunately, on that night the Northern Lights remained too shy and we could only guess their pale greenish colour through the camera lens. Despite that, it was a joyful evening in the nature of Lapland!

pale northern lights

Pale sky.

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