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Visiting the reindeer farm in Rovaniemi, the Finnish Lapland, is definitely a must-do! Join us in this unique experience and reindeer’s daily life with your own eye!

What is the one thing you should definitely experience when visiting Lapland? Of course, visiting the reindeer farm! The symbolic animals from Lapland will give you a really therapeutic experience.  That is also one reason why we are operating only small-group tours: in we can give you an more unique experience in a calmer and more authentic environment.

On this day we had a visit for a reindeer farm and a safari for our lovely Indonesian friends. We had weather of -8° which is very common on the days here up in the north. Fortunately, we even had a little bit of sun coming out which doesn’t happen much here in the winter season.

Here are the few things you should know about the reindeers: 1. They are quiet: they only make a sound during the first months after giving birth to their offspring and/or in the mating season. 2. They can be fast but their day to day movement is slow. 3. They can also tolerate very cold: They are covered with hollow hairs that trap in air and keep them well insulated from the elements.

If you want to learn more about reindeers we have guides giving you more information about the topic when you’re visiting the farm.

Male’s antlers can measure up to 130 centimeters long, and a female’s antlers can reach 50 centimeters.

Reindeers aren’t the only animals living in this farm!

Meeting a new friend.

You might meet some little ones also.

Ride in the sunlight.

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