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Did you know that we don’t have four but eight seasons in Lapland? The weather, daylight conditions and landscapes are constantly evolving throughout the year, offering new scenery and experience opportunities to travelers.

As a matter of fact, the question of the “best period” to visit Rovaniemi does not have only one answer. The answer obviously depends on the experience you are looking for. Would you like to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere and darkness of December? Or the extreme cold and picturesque cotton-tree landscapes of January? Do you want to chase the magic Northern Lights or enjoy the never-ending days of the Midnight Sun? Are you more into a brown bear trip or a thrilling husky sleigh ride?

We understand that it may not be easy to plan your trip to Rovaniemi. Don’t worry! We have prepared for you a super cool infography that should greatly help you find YOUR best period to come to Lapland, with the natural conditions and the activities possible at that time of the year.

The table below (click to make it fullscreen) shows you the different months with, on the left, the conditions associated to each of them and, on the right, the activities that are possible to experience.