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The magnificent winter season slowly ends in Lapland, and the ice is starting to melt away. The beginning of another chapter waits for us here in the country with over 180,000 lakes. But this change doesn’t happen in a blink of an eye. Because of this, we have a chance to prepare for the long-awaited summer activities beyond the Arctic Circle.

Summer Lake

The one activity that we enjoy the most in the summer here in Finland is canoeing in the wilderness. Paddling in the freshly melted water is the best way to experience what the Lappish nature offers. There are multiple ways to enjoy canoeing in Lapland. Our offers start from a 3-hour trip to a full-day paddling adventure. And if you want to try something magical, you should join us for canoeing under the Midnight Sun. But on this occasion, we will focus on our 3-hour trip as it is the most suitable for all experience levels.

Paddling into the wilderness

We start our journey by learning how to properly maneuver a canoe. It will probably help us later when we find ourselves in the middle of the lake with a paddle in our hand. And don’t worry, even I had a little trouble figuring out everything at first. It almost feels like riding a bike. You will be fine as long as you have a little confidence.

Wild About Lapland Canoeing

As we are slowly getting away from the shore, you will start feeling the touch of nature as you are slowly getting surrounded from all sides by the calm and peaceful sounds of the wild. This will be your best chance to soak in as much positive energy as possible. So make sure to take in as much as you can. After a few hours of paddling through the Lappish lake, we will enjoy a short break around the fire with some delicious Finnish BBQ snacks. We also learned more about the local fauna and some of the must-know survival tricks just in case you got lost in the wild.

When our experience came to its end, we realized how big the difference is between living in the city and just a few hours of escaping into nature. I can say that canoeing is one of the must-do activities if you are visiting Lapland in the summer. There wouldn’t be a better place to try canoeing for your first time than in the country with the most lakes in Europe.

Join us on a canoe adventure this summer!

If any of this has caught your attention, feel free to look at our summer canoeing tours as this might be one of your best chances to reconnect with nature. It might be one of your best chances to reconnect with nature beyond the Arctic Circle. Take advantage of what Lapland has to offer during the summer, and we promise that it will be an experience you will remember.