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Covid has been hard on all of us and it has hit the tourism industry harder than any other sector. And while it is our company’s philosophy to take it easy on the nature here and operate tours with as few impacts as possible, it was hard to go from being fully booked throughout all 2019 to literally zero tourism in 2020. Only now tourism is picking up again slowly and we are realising how very fortunate we are to be one of the companies who have received many bookings.

The smaller the group, the bigger the experience

While the world was standing still, we were not. A lot of the time during 2020 we have been thinking of how we could come back strong – stronger than ever. Covid has changed us and our business for the better if I may say so. But of course, I may be biased, haha. Even before the Covid pandemic, small groups were our philosophy. True to our promise “the smaller the group, the bigger the experience”. Now we could add to that “… the safer the tours”.

Ski Trekking Tour

Our promise to our guests

We never take more than 8 people on one tour. We have been thinking how to best tackle this winter season and operate the tours as safe as possible. Therefore, we decided to adapt the start times of the tours to not have all groups meeting in the office before their start of the tour.

Sounds like an easy step but it proved to be trickier than you might think. “Why is that?”, you may ask. Well, the amount of daylight is extremely limited during the winter months up here, meaning that we only get roughly two hours of sunlight in December – our peak month.

The feedback has been incredible

However, you know you are doing something right when you get great feedback from your guests. At the beginning, we had to answer to the same question again and again: “But it says my tour starts at 10 am, why do I have to be here at 9 already?!”. Once we explained the situation, there was an overwhelming understanding from almost everyone which makes us super happy. It shows that our efforts don’t go unnoticed which is quite a rewarding feeling.

Once more we were told how much our company philosophy of small groups is appreciated. It just reduces risk immensely and makes the overall experience more enjoyable. Furthermore, we try to strongly encourage our guests to wear a mask in closed spaces and on the car rides to make the potential exposure time even less. And it works.

We got through this season far better than we could have ever anticipated and are very thankful that we chose to build our company around a “small-groups only” policy. Not only is it more environmentally sustainable but also socially sustainable in times of the pandemic!

Read more about our COVID-19 Refund Policy, and travel safely!