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Through all my time working here I have noticed one thing – our snowshoeing adventures deserve to get more attention and people rarely book it. But why that is, that’s beyond me. Personally speaking, I enjoy snowshoeing so much that I have my own pair. If you ask me, snowshoeing is the winter activity to go for here. And there are numerous reasons why. But first, here are some photos to underline my point!

Photo Credits: Vanessa Hylton

Snowshoeing is very beginner friendly

Snowshoeing is a very beginner friendly way to explore areas covered by deep snow and enable you to explore Lapland off the beaten path. You can easily create your own path far away from other groups or tourists. This way you get to enjoy all of Lapland’s beauty while feeling alone in this pristine and untouched environment. And there is no need for previous experience with snowshoeing. One of our experienced guides will show you how to strap them on and off you go deep into the taiga forest.

Lapland’s nature is so beautiful…

…when it is experienced on snowshoes. Oh boy, the nature you will be able to explore on our snowshoeing adventures is beyond beautiful. During winter, the trees resemble sleepy, snowy giants; waiting until the early break of the spring sun to free from all this snow which covers them heavily during the winter months.


Also, the sound the snowshoes create on the snowy ground helps you to relax and unwind – at least that is the case for me. Step by step you go deeper into the forest or on a frozen lake, your snowshoes pressing on the ground and helping you find balance.

Snowshoeing as an adventure for every weather

I think at this point I have gone snowshoeing in every weather. I feel like most tourists would hope for sunny weather and clear skies (which, don’t get me wrong, are made out to be the perfect weather conditions in the Arctic) but also a moody and gloomy day can have its charm.


Photo Credits: Saija Halminen

So far, I had the chance to experience the Arctic in every single one of its beautiful and unpredictable states and facets. And I would love here at Wild About Lapland to share this feeling of happiness I experience every time when I strap on my snowshoes. I know I can speak for all of our guides when I say that we would love to welcome you on our next snowshoe adventure through Lapland’s beautiful nature!

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