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Come and experience the amazing Taiga forest in winter! On our Snowshoeing trip we take you into the wilderness to experience nature in Lapland.

Although it was not my first time to go snowshoeing, it was a totally different experience. After we provided our guests with warm clothing, we drove north to Vikakongäs. As we arrived, we showed our guests how to put on the snowshoes. And then… let’s go! Before really going off-trail we had to cross the hanging bridge over the river. Stopping in the middle to take some pictures is certainly a must-do.

Snowshoeing in the Wilderness

Then it was finally time to snowshoe our own track through the Taiga forest. As the first one to go is always the person who is making a track for the rest of us, we switched places from time to time. That way everyone could lead our snowshoeing group at least one time. Every now and then we would do some stops to rest because it can be really exhausting, especially for the one in front.

During those stops along the way, we had time to feel the peaceful harmony of Lapland and admire the beautiful winter landscape. As well, we would share our knowledge about nature, tracks in the snow and Lapland with our guests.

Snowshoeing in the Wilderness

After some time of snowshoeing through the forest, we reached the river again. It was again a great spot for taking pictures! The steaming river, the ice on the edges and white trees in the background make a great motive. Especially, when the sky is clear and blue.

Snowshoeing in the Wilderness

We continued snowshoeing along the partly frozen river back towards the campfire site. There we showed our guests how to make a fire the traditional way with flint and steel. After a nice and warming drink and snack around the fire they could try it themselves before it was time to head back to Rovaniemi.

We had a great time on our Snowshoeing trip in the wilderness and so did our guests. Not only had they a nice walk in the nature, they also learned a lot about it.

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