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Lapland is considered to be solely a winter holiday destination. Fun fact: Many people think we have the snow here all year round (sometimes we listen even about polar bears, haha). Of course, the winter beyond the Arctic Circle is very long, but “surprisingly”, we have also summer here! Short but very intense!

When I first came to Rovaniemi during the summer months, I had zero experience with summer in Arctic areas. My expectations were… okay, I had no expectations at all, as my initial thoughts were like: “What can I do here during the summer without snow?”. I came to Lapland as an absolute winter enthusiast, but only one evening has completely changed my mind.

As you maybe know, beyond the Arctic Circle, we have a very specific season called “The Midnight Sun season”. During these weeks, the Sun never sets down, so we have endless daylight for a very long time (you can enjoy the sunshine even at 2 am). When I first experienced this natural phenomenon, I was just speechless.

The Midnight Sun in Rovaniemi

What makes the Midnight Sun so special?

If you love to watch sunsets, you can now imagine all those warm colours in the sky, sun rays finding their way through the trees, and a very peaceful atmosphere of the day coming to its end. It usually lasts around 20-30 minutes even in your home country.

But during the Midnight Sun season in Lapland, we can enjoy this “sunset time” sometimes even for 2-3 hours as the Sun never sets down. We can say that the Sun always “change its mind” just a few moments before “touching” the horizon. What a beautiful phenomenon to observe! I bet that if you experience it just once, you will want more!

Lake in Lapland

Let’s try canoeing with Wild About Lapland!

We at Wild About Lapland offer to experience this unique time of the day together with some extra activities. Endless daylight and no darkness? No limits! We usually prefer to take our canoes and enjoy these “nights” paddling on one of the local lakes.

As you maybe know, Finland is called “the land of a thousand lakes”. According to some official sources, we have 187 888 lakes in Finland. A lot of options for canoeing, what do you think?

Canoeing under the Midnight Sun is an ultimate summer experience that will bring peace into your soul, as you can enjoy endless “sunset” in the middle of the lake beyond the Arctic Circle in complete silence. Our professional guides will give you some privacy while paddling, but they will be close enough to help you if needed.

Canoeing under the Midnight Sun

We usually finish our canoeing trip with a short chat around the open fire and some of the most typical Finnish barbecue snacks. Around the fire, our guides try to explain to you more about Lapland, life in the Arctic areas, and the phenomenon of the Midnight Sun.

Come to visit us in Rovaniemi during the summer and enjoy the beauty of the Midnight Sun in the Arctic wilderness. Feel free to contact our Sales team ([email protected]) with any questions, and we would be happy to welcome you here in Lapland!



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